The combination of School starting on monday and “John” leaving has lead to things being significantly more relaxed at Shelterwood. I havn’t had to restrain anyone or chase a run away or anything. I did give my first room grounding (RG) consequence yesterday. This morning i gave 3 hours of work for disobedience. Aside from these consequences things have been pretty uneventful compared to my first week. I finally got keys to open the “Confo closet” and most of the other rooms in building. We got a weekly schedule figured out. I got assigned two Littles who i am responsible for writing progress reports for. My first night watch is friday so if anyone want to Skype for brief 10 min intervals between my checks totally can because il be up till 6:30 am. Im getting van training on friday.

Im getting to know the other staff and bigs now that everyone is back from break. I got to do gazebo duty yesterday with another big named courtney from Alabama. Littles on stages 4-5 are allowed to interact with littles of the opposite gender  for 1 hour in the Gazebo. They have to sit on opposite sides and are not allowed to touch. Two bigs have to supervise and be within earshot. After the kids went to bed some of the girl bigs came over and we watched youtube videos for an hour.

Since all the bigs have to take turns doing night watch for the next year me and some of the bigs are thinking about investing in some night vision googles, not because its not necessary but mostly because it would be super bad ass.

Love you all, thank you for your prayers.

Brian F.

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