dear friends and family,

Im on night watch again but you won’t get this email for awhile because of how the system is set up. Anyway, things at Shelterwood have been getting better and better. We got a new Big brother on tuesday named Kodi and we are getting another one this monday. That means that the guys house will finally be fully staffed with 10 bigs!!! Praise the Lord. Only a few weeks ago we had 6 bigs and 22 littles. We are also getting two new littles on Monday for a grand total of 23 littles.

I have gotten connected with a mentor who worked at shelterwood for 3 years , 2 years as a big and a year as a hall director. and I also joined a community group with a local acts 29 church that we go to every week called life connection.

Things have been a bit less dramatic since the switch to the point system but that doesn’t necessarily mean that things have been easy. I have realized that i often take the kids behavior toward me personally and then discipline out of frustraion instead of love. God continues to break me of my ability to function on my own, and it showing my how to rely on him.

Im completely exhausted right now so this is all im going to write for now. I will try to get some more content your way later this week.


Brian F

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