T minus 365

365 days from today (Aug 31st) my commitment to Shelterwood will be completed.

Yesterday was one of my days off so after finishing my kitchen training i went to one of the other Bigs houses and took a 4 hour nap, then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and watched a movie. After getting back on property i was distraught to learn that it had been another “crazy day” at shelterwood while i was gone. There was another fight and a different kid cut himself pretty bad. In a weird way these sorts of things are becoming more normal to me which is weird. I feel like im starting to get into the swing of things here. I am finally allowed to take kids out in the vans because our insurance finally came through, and i got medication trained today, so now i can administer meds to the kids.

Today has been pretty easy. We had an all staff meeting and then played dodge ball. 2 of the three games i got out in the first 5 seconds which was frustrating. So even after the 3rd game i had a lot of pent up Angst which i worked off by chopping and caring wood for 3 hours (I was supervising Littles working off work hours they had received as consequences). On that note i don’t think i have fully experienced Missouri’s humidity until that work project today. After 30 mins we were all completely soaked in sweat. It felt good to work hard and i really saw the littles working well together to accomplish the same goal. Especially two littles who apparently were supposed to fight each other.

I am really starting to enjoy this possition. Even though it is really hard i can see God working in my life, refining my faith and my character and the lives of the littles, redeeming their pasts and offering them hope for the future. I have discovered that it is easy to get bogged down in negativity and things that i can’t control. If i worry about those things its hard to imaging working here for a year. When i keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and focus on the things i can control and do those things to the best of my ability i have hope and i am excited to see the things that God had planned for me this year.

God bless,

Brian Ferguson

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