The times they are a changing

Wow, it feels like forever since i have been in contact with the outside world. Shelterwood has a way of consuming your entire life, most of the time i am on coverage its like i completely forget that i have a life outside of this place. There has been a lot of change going on at Shelterwood and in my heart the last couple of weeks. We now have 10 guy bigs which is awesome. One of the littles had a neutral site visit last week which meant that his parents came here and interacted with him and after 2 days they pulled him because they felt he had changed enough. We also had two new intakes for a total of 21 littles.

I have posted a short album of pictures from shelterwood on my facebook page if you are interested in seeing a little bit of my world.

Even though things have been less crazy this job still remains pretty stressful. Now that i have been here awhile i have started to develop relationships with the littles but this also makes it harder when they make bad choices, or cuss my out. Its harder to not take things personally. I am struggling to find time to get away and to re-connect with the outside world. I have been able to process my days better with people on property and so when i sit down to try to blog i feel like it has been hard to write down things i have already processed. have to go to bed now.

Love you,

Brian Ferguson


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