No Place like home for the holidays

Break was great, I got to go back to Seattle for Thanksgiving and see friends and family. But now i am back at Shelterwood. I will be honest, i was not and am still not really ready to be back. The night before i left i was almost dreading my return. Shelterwood is kind of like swimming in freezing cold water. Once your in it for awhile you get used to it because your body goes numb, but once you get out and get warm you really don’t want to go back in. But here i am yet again, diving head first into the icy waters of conflict and chaos that is Shelterwood.

Besides seeing my family and meeting my brothers girlfriend i think the highlight of my break was getting to catch up with some old friends i hadn’t seen in awhile. It was great to feel like i could pick up right where i left off and be open and honest without having to mess around any small talk. I am on night watch right now and not really able to put my thoughts into words anymore so i will hopefully be able to get another blog out soon when i am thinking more clearly.

In him

Brian F


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