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Jesus is our only hope- One thing i have been learning and experiencing first hand is that Jesus is the only hope we have in this world. There have been so many times that i have been trying to console, correct, admonish and encourage with my own wisdom and understanding of what I feel that kid needs to hear and i have always arrive at my whits end and look back and think “what the heck did i just say”? “That doesn’t even make sense”. And without fail the next thought in my mind is “Man i need to talk about Jesus”. And from there on i start to make progress. After several of these revelations i have began to realize that the only thing of worth i have to offer these kids is Jesus. They don’t need to be lectured or spoon fed trite sayings. When I realize that i have a kids attention the most important things i can do for him are pray, tell him about Jesus or what Jesus has done in my life. As Paul says in his letter to the Philippians, I consider everything rubbish compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ.

Im sorry that its been awhile since my last update, its been hard for me to convey my thoughts in a written medium when i am so used to verbally processing things here. I really am doing great, and i feel like i have found my stride here. It is still hard at times but i feel like i have been able to reconnect with God and rely on his strength. About 10 months ago i thought i had my whole life figured out, and about 9 months ago my life sort of fell apart when those plans didn’t work out. It was a really discouraging and difficult time, trying to finish school, figure out my future, and deal with the pain of break up (civil as it was it still wasn’t easy). Despite my best efforts i found myself wandering from the Lord and wondering if he really had my best intentions in mind. It was really hard attending my college “graduation” knowing i still had 3 arduous months of school ahead, it was harder still having only 10 days between my last of school and my first day at shelterwood, and it was the hardest getting thrown into the deep end of the crazy pool that was Shelterhood when i first started working here. Now that i am 1/3 done with my year here i am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and its not the metaphorical reference to the end of my commitment here, its the marvelous light of Christ. I have hope again, and more than i ever had before. Please pray for me as i begin to pray and consider opportunities for next year.

I love you all and can’t wait to come back to Colorado over winter break.

Brian F

Ps. One of the higher ups talks to me about potentially helping him lead a bike trip from Canada to Mexico with 5 troubled kids. and we have a mission trip in a few months that i am going to try to help lead.

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