Wow, it has been a long time since i have had a post, i apologize for that. Things have been very different recently. We have great coverage(the ratio of Bigs to littles) and the kids have been really calm. I have been here for just over 5 months and i am just now feeling competent. I have been sitting in on a lot of subsystem conversation, which are when a kid commits a bigger infraction like, fighting or stealing. It is nice to feel like i know what i am doing. To be presented with a situation, take action, and actually have it turn out the way you wanted.

Looking forward i am really excited about the posibility of being able to help lead our mission trip to Haiti over spring break. I am pretty sure they are only going to take one guy big. I have turned in my application and i am waiting to hear back if i get to go. If i get selected, i will need to raise $1,500-1,800.

I am also excited about another potential trip leading kids on a month long biking trip across the US from Canada to Mexico. I ask that you would join me in prayer about these trips.

I have 7 months left at Shelterwood, and i have begun to pray and ask God what he has next for me. One option would be to stay at shelterwood another year. I have really began to enjoy my time here, and i feel like i am pretty good at what i do here. If i did stay longer i would either become an Intern where i would basically still be a big, but with more time off, and more of area of focus. Like Daniel S is our current Guy intern and he organizes fellowship events for the bigs and helps lead activities for the littles. I also have been considering the Hall director position. There is a good chance that one or both of our hall directors might leave before my 7 months are up and they almost always hire from within. I have also been considering working with a wilderness program for troubled youth. Some of my other interests are possibly going into teaching. I really loved being a TA for a semester, and i actually went into college wanting to be a high school history teacher. One of the other big brothers was a teacher for a few years before he came here and really encouraged me to look into it. Finally i have thought about going back to school to get my masters in counceling. The problem with that is that i still don’t really know what i would want to with that degree in terms of doing private practice, or working at a church or at a facility like shelterwood. I would also appreciate your prayers for discernment in these matters as well.

God Bless

Brian F



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