I’m currently at the kci airport waitind for a client to land. Since getting back from winter break we have gotten 10 new clients, one of them just got kicked out because he was too much to handle and was a liability. This same kid got knocked out by another student when he was being a “habitual line stepper”

In other news I am currently dating someone. Her name is Courtney Gibson and she’s been my
Best friend at shelterwood for the last six months and we just started dating about a week ago.

If you would like to recieve a support letter for my trip to Haiti please send me your address via text, FB message, or carrier pigeon which ever strikes your fancy. I will try to post again soon.

Love you all,
Brian F

1 thought on “2/20/12

  1. Way to be all non-chalant about it. “Really, it’s no big deal…” hahaha I’m glad that portion of the internal conflict is over for you, my friend. Way to go.

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