Break was amazing. The 5 days seemed to fly by. Special thanks to my grandma for letting us stay at her place. Courtney and I left shelterwood at 11pm on the dot (which may be a ferguson first) drove through the night and got into broomfield around 8am. Another big (cody) flew in that night and we picked him up and stayed at my
Family cabin in Estes. During our trip we went jeeping, shooting, hiked the flatirons, and ate all over boulder. It was really fun but went too fast. Thank you all who met Courtney she felt very welcomed.

Thanks to everyone who has sent back support letters. I have almost achieved my support goal. If you have not sent
a letter back yet and still want to please do so I can reach my goal. Any money I raise over my goal will go to the mission trip fund which will help support
Other kids who might have a hard time raising all the support on their own.

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