What even happened.

Before i begin this post i want to say sorry for such a long gap since my last post. I had a post written on my iphone while i was in the airport and after typing for almost an hour i accidentally deleted it and was to frustrated to write again.

So first things first. I am engaged! and have been so for a month now. i was talking to courtney about it today and was like i feel like it just happened yesterday and also feel like it  happened 6 months ago at the same time. We are getting married at the end of september in Alabama. Thankfully Courtney’s mom is very driven and talented at hosting events and  has volunteered to plan our wedding. It also helps that she is a teacher and is off for the summer.

Courtney flew out to colorado for one of our friends wedding and saturday the 16th of June i proposed. We hiked up the flatirons and i found the same rock that we had taken a pictures together on a few months before we came out for spring break. she had that pictures on the background of her phone and as her profile picture for a long time after and always talked about how much fun the hike was so i thought it was a fitting place. I had adam peterson follow us up the trail with my camera and take sneakily take pictures from afar. This was complicated by that fact that adam had never hiked this particular trail so i was attempting to text him directions while hiking up with courtney. we got to to the top and i told Courtney to go on ahead while i climbed the rocks that overlooked that place i was going to propose but couldn’t find a good spot. One of the best parts was that right before we left to start hiking courtney came out of the bathroom after changing into her hiking clothes and then saw what i was wearing (plaid shorts with a v neck, nothing fancy) and was like Brian the first rule of dating a girl is that you can never overdress your girlfriend. So she made me change. the problem was that the other less dressy shorts also didn’t have pockets! so i hiked the whole trail with the ring in a jewelry bag that was held on my hip in my compression shorts. I asked and she said yes, well actually she just started balling and yelled something that i presumed to be close enough along the lines of a yes. Anyways after we got down we had an engagement part in broomfield with couple of my friends and family and Her whole family was on skype and my mom and brother and his fiancee were on another computer on skype. We flew back to missouri that night and when we got back to shelterwood we had another party with all of the other bigs. Honestly one of the best and most exhausting days ever.

Thank you so much to all the people who helped planned and organize and coorindate. and thank you so much to grandma and every one who drove me around or let me borrow their car or stay at their house, it was really such a blessing.

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