First day

Today is my first day on point. Thankfully it’s being broken into two chunks 7:30am-1pm and then 9pm- 11pm but the morning shift is going to be challenging because we have to take the whole guys house off property from 830-12 for some high profile tour that is going on and so I have to bring everyone, including the kid who has already tried to run away twice, yaaay. I have been “on point” before when the hall director needed to attend to things and temporarily left me in charge. It’s different now, the on call phone is
In my pocket and all emergencies and split second desitions are mine to make. I can’t run into the office and ask what to do any more. Needless to say I’m nervous. I’m hoping the kids will be too tired an stuffed with pancakes to do anything stupid but then again it’s shelterwood and things happen both when you least expect it and always when your the least prepared to deal with the situation. Please be praying.

Also wedding planning/ finding a place to live/ planning our life after marriage has been pretty stressful lately especially for me because I still only have 48 hours off a week and I spend almost all of that time planning, researching, calling and doing 6 different kinds of busy work. Unfortunately it’s so bad that my days off are more stressful than when I’m working. All this to say… Please pray.

Love you all
Brian F

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