Monthly Archives: November 2012


Shelterwood is going to Haiti again this year and Courtney and I have been asked to be the trip leaders! We have been wanting to go to Haiti togeather for awhile. Last year Courtney couldnt come because she was planning on going on a mission trip with her church in Alabama around the same time. Then we where going to try to visit the orphanage (that shelterwood went to) in Haiti on part of our honeymoon but it just was not logistically or financially possible. Courtney and I began emailing our CEO over the last couple of weeks and yesterday he approached us and asked if we would be trip leaders for Haiti. The trip will be the last part Feburary. We are out of town this weekend for Adam hogans wedding in New Orleans. Adam hogan was one of my roommates and fellow big brother for the last year at shelterwood, and was one of my groomsmen. Now I am going to be in his wedding. Once we get back we will begin the process of fund raising. Please be praying for us and for this trip.

In other news, things at shelterwood look to be getting crazy again. Friday we will have 33 boys in the house. Now some of you may say, whoah, hold on arnt there only 32 beds in the guys house? To which I would respond, well kind of. There are 32 beds upstairs in the two halls (walnut & white oat). But there are two additional halls down stairs, hickory hall has 3 rooms being used for offices and one room (which can house 4 is open. Also elm hall has 4 rooms, three of which are occupied by the big brothers. Anyway someone made a mistake and allowed one too many “intakes” (which is what we call it when we get a new kid) and we need to figure out where to put him.

There are a lot of changes that coming to shelterwood in the next couple of days, weeks and months. Please be praying for us and for this ministry.

Love Brian


Forgot to bring my laptop to work so I will write this on my iPhone. I realized I havnt written a post in awhile and I wanted to catch y’all up. It’s almost been 2 months since I got married! There have been a lot of Adjustments and work has been challenging at time but overall things are really good. Marriage is a wonderful thing. Some of the adjustments I was referencing before are 1) this is the first time iv ever lived with only 1 person. So iv just been adjusting to having less easy access to socialize. 2) paying bills, getting Courtney on my insurance ect (all those fun grown up things). Highlights of marriage, building an awesome fort out of our 4 post bed. Having nerf sword fights (special thanks to mark g). Having thanksgiving with Courtney’s parents at our place. Getting to go to church togeather every week. And getting to hang out with my best friend everyday.

We want to move back to Colorado very badly but our friends Chris and nancy will be planting a church in north Kansas City next year and we feel led to help them.

Love you all