Forgot to bring my laptop to work so I will write this on my iPhone. I realized I havnt written a post in awhile and I wanted to catch y’all up. It’s almost been 2 months since I got married! There have been a lot of Adjustments and work has been challenging at time but overall things are really good. Marriage is a wonderful thing. Some of the adjustments I was referencing before are 1) this is the first time iv ever lived with only 1 person. So iv just been adjusting to having less easy access to socialize. 2) paying bills, getting Courtney on my insurance ect (all those fun grown up things). Highlights of marriage, building an awesome fort out of our 4 post bed. Having nerf sword fights (special thanks to mark g). Having thanksgiving with Courtney’s parents at our place. Getting to go to church togeather every week. And getting to hang out with my best friend everyday.

We want to move back to Colorado very badly but our friends Chris and nancy will be planting a church in north Kansas City next year and we feel led to help them.

Love you all


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