A new year

Things have a little challenging recently, today 3 people Courtney was close to left Shelterwood. One was a little who Courtney has been extremely close with for almost her entire time at shelterwood (she graduated). Another was a staff member who Courtney was close to (she also made our wedding programs). We have also just both been struggling with not feeling settled here in missouri.

We have been busy working to get the kids and ourselves ready for the upcoming mission trip. If you want a copy of the support letter we are sending out for the mission trip please reply to this post with your address, or you could also just send in a check addressed to shelterwood to 3205 N Twyman Rd Independence, MO 64058

Here is what our support letter reads… (it has pretty pictures to)

We have been in Kansas City for about a year and a half and have both been promoted to the position of shift supervisor at Shelterwood and we work weekends together. We have been married for just over three months now and are enjoying our life as newlyweds. We have been given the amazing opportunity to lead the Shelterwood mission trip to Haiti this year. We will be leading a group of about 30-40 kids and staff where we will work with kids orphaned by the 2010 earthquake. I, Brian, was able to attend this trip last year.  While our group was less than half of what we will be taking this year there was an incredible impact on the students who went and it was the therapeutic turning point for several of them.


The focus of our trip is simple – help these kids recover and rejoice again. Activities will include playing, singing, games and crafts. The simple act of loving these children, of becoming their family for five days is just like treating a physical wound. During our visit we will also have an opportunity to worship with the local church in Haiti, as well as be exposed to the sights and sounds of post-quake Haiti. We will also carry down clothing, shoes and other supplies that will be distributed to orphanages throughout Haiti.

I am so excited to see how this trip impacts the lives of these teens. While the students at Shelterwood are given various opportunities to serve throughout their stay, there is something special about traveling to a place where they have so little but love so much. It really makes you appreciate all of the things that are so easily taken for granted. I cannot wait to see how the Lord uses this trip in the lives of these teens.

One of the ways you can help us is to pray for the trip, the ministry we will perform, and the teens we will be taking. Only with prayer support will we be able to bless the children in the orphanage.

The other way to assist us is through your financial support.  The cost of the trip is $3200 for both of us ($1600 each), with airfare to/from Haiti. Your contribution will allow us the privilege of participating and is a tax deductible donation. If you feel led to make a financial contribution please make checks payable to “Shelterwood” and enclose in the pre addressed return envelope. (Please leave the memo/note section of the check blank)

God is transforming lives through the care provided to orphaned and abandoned children around the world. We are humbled to be joining Him in this work.

God bless,

Brian & Courtney Ferguson

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