Monthly Archives: May 2013

Haiti 2.0

So going back to Haiti has been on me and Courtney’s heart for while. We have been in touch with the global orphan staff. We have interviewed and thought we where going to have wait till the end of summer to be able to go. Then thirsday night we got a call from mike (director of haiti) who is the contact guy in Haiti and he said they really wants us to come ASAP. So he offered to fly us out a few days after my brothers wedding around June 10th and then we would be there two weeks then I would fly back June 22nd for a camp I’m working at this summer and would then meet Courtney in Alabama for her friends wedding July 6th. We would spend a few days in Alabama and then fly back to Haiti till sometime in December. Nothing for sure as of this point. I have spent a lot of time praying this weekend and asking for wisdom and guidance because it would be a quick transition from shelterwood to Haiti, and there are a lot of financial and logistical hoops to jump through. All this to say please pray for us, it is a very exciting, and a little overwhelming time. But God is good.

the Fergusons